Prof. Dr. Dipl.-Psych. Markus Kiefer

Director of the Section for Cognitive Electrophysiology and Associate Professor of Psychology at the Institute of Psychology and Education at the University of Ulm, Germany

Brief Biography


Prof. Dr. Markus Kiefer is a psychologist and brain researcher. He is head of the Department of Cognitive Electrophysiology at the psychiatric clinic of the University of Ulm and teaches cognitive psychology and cognitive neuroscience at the Institute of Psychology and Pedagogy of the university. Markus Kiefer does research on memory, emotions, attention and awareness and published numerous articles and books on these topics. The focus of his research is the field of embodied cognition, the anchoring of thinking in perception and action as well as awareness control of unconscious perception.

Title of Lecture:







Embodied cognition: The anchoring of thought and language in perceptional and action-oriented experience




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