Dr. rer. nat. Petra A. Arndt

Executive Director of the ZNL Transfer Center for Neuroscience and Learning Ulm, Germany

Brief Biography


Dr. Petra Arndt studied neurobiology and psychology. It is her concern to combine the results of the two research fields and make them useable for the shaping of educational processes. Her current research focus complies the cognitive, social and emotional development of children, institutional and family developmental influences, effects of innovative teaching/learning methods, heterogeneity and individual differences.


She has been the executive director of the ZNL Transfer Center for Neuroscience and Learning at the University of Ulm since June 2017 and supervises various research projects of the ZNL on school, preschool and informal learning and in the field of vocational education and training.

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Writing by hand: An important contribution to the acquisition of a literary language or an outdated cultural technique?




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